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Our Services

Our team at Salon 130 will give you a look that you are sure to love. It is our goal to provide the highest level of service and client satisfaction in the latest trends, colours and styles that the hair industry has to offer!

Salon130- Service/Price List effective as of May 15th, 2023
Student Discount: 15% Off (Only Applicable For Bookings Tuesday to Saturday)

Cut & Styling

Our stylists at Salon130 in Ottawa provide hair styling and hair cutting services for women and men of all ages. No matter what look you desire, we can help make it happen. We’re proud to offer a range of experienced hair stylists on our staff, including senior stylists and master stylists. Many of our clientele have been coming to our stylists for years, and we’re proud of the repeat business and referrals that we’ve earned.

See our services below and book now to secure your best date & time.

ServiceExtra ShortShortMediumLong
Classic Stylist Haircut$43.50$57.50$72.50$87.50
Senior Stylist Haircut$48.50$62.50$77.50$92.50
Owner Stylist Haircut$53.50$67.50$82.50$97.50
Classic Stylist BD$43.50$58.50$73.50
Senior Stylist BD$48.50$63.50$78.50
Owner Stylist BD$53.50$68.50$83.50
Classic Stylist Formal BD$62.50$77.50$92.50
Senior Stylist Formal BD$67.50$82.50$97.50
Owner Stylist Formal BD$72.50$87.50$102.50
Classic Stylist Updo$97.50$107.50
Senior Stylist Updo$102.50$112.50
Owner Stylist Updo$107.50$117.50
Bang Trim$18.50

Application Services

We offer a wide array of hair application services at Salon130 in Ottawa. From highlights to balayage, toning to colour refresh, we can meet all your hair colouring needs. Our experienced stylists will tend to your hair with the attention to detail that you deserve, ensuring that you receive the best quality hair colouring that will hold up well.

Contact Salon130 today to get book an appointment for hair colouring in Ottawa.

Classic Stylist Root Colour$84.50$94.50$104.50
Senior Stylist Root Colour$89.50$99.50$109.50
Master Stylist Root Colour$94.50$104.50$114.50
Classic Stylist Full Colour$104.50$114.50$124.50
Senior Stylist Full Colour$109.50$119.50$129.50
Master Stylist Full Colour$114.50$124.50$134.50
Classic Stylist Men’s Colour$60.50
Senior Stylist Men’s Colour$64.50
Master Stylist Men’s Colour$69.50
Classic Stylist Mini Highlight$70.50$84.50 $94.50
Senior Stylist Mini Highlight$74.50$89.50 $99.50
Master Stylist Mini Highlight$79.50$94.50 $104.50
Classic Stylist Partial Highlight$144.50$154.50 $164.50
Senior Stylist Partial Highlight$149.50$159.50$169.50
Master Stylist Partial Highlight$154.50$164.50$174.50
Classic Stylist Full Highlight$174.50 $184.50 $194.50
Senior Stylist Full Highlight$179.50$189.50$199.50
Master Stylist Full Highlight$184.50$194.50$204.50
Classic Stylist Partial Micro Highlight$184.50$194.50$204.50
Senior Stylist Partial Micro Highlight$189.50$199.50$209.50
Master Stylist Partial Micro Highlight$194.50$204.50$214.50
Classic Stylist Full Micro Highlight$214.50$224.50$234.50
Senior Stylist Full Micro Highlight$219.50$229.50$239.50
Master Stylist Full Micro Highlight$224.50$234.50$244.50
Classic Stylist Mini Balayage$74.50$84.50$94.50
Senior Stylist Mini Balayage$79.50$89.50$99.50
Master Stylist Mini Balayage$84.50$94.50$104.50
Classic Stylist Partial Balayage$144.50$154.50$164.50
Senior Stylist Partial Balayage$149.50$159.50$169.50
Master Stylist Partial Balayage$154.50$164.50$174.50
Classic Stylist Full Balayage$174.50$184.50$194.50
Senior Stylist Full Balayage$179.50$189.50$199.50
Master Stylist Full Balayage$184.50$194.50$204.50
Classic Stylist Bleach & Tone (Refresh)$129.50$159.50$179.50
Senior Stylist Bleach & Tone (Refresh)$134.50$164.50$184.50
Master Stylist Bleach & Tone (Refresh)$139.50$169.50$189.50
Classic Stylist Bleach & Tone (Full)$149.50$179.50$199.50
Senior Stylist Bleach & Tone (Full)$154.50$184.50$204.50
Master Stylist Bleach & Tone (Full)$159.50$189.50$209.50
Classic Stylist Toner/Filler$69.50$79.50$89.50
Senior Stylist Toner/Filler$74.50$84.50$94.50
Master Stylist Toner/Filler$79.50$89.50$99.50
Consultation Fee$20 for 15 minutes
Cocktail Shampoo$45.50+
Fashion Toner$114.50+
Multicolour Fashion TonerAdditional $40 per colour

Extra charges may apply upon consultation

Bridal & Event Hair

Formal Updo from $89.50

Not having to stress about your hair means more opportunities to enjoy the moment. You have enough to worry about during your engagement! Planning outfits, venues, menus, photo shoot locations and guest lists takes a huge amount of time and energy. Don’t let your hair-worries add to your to-do list.

You can have confidence and peace of mind when an expert stylist is executing the perfect style. Having your hair professionally done means one less thing to worry about while you’re planning, organizing and more importantly – celebrating!

Make-up Applications

Bridal makeup trial$150 + hst
Bridal day of wedding$150 + hst
Other makeup applications (prom, bridesmaid, photoshoot)$115.50 + hst


Salon130 is fabulous and I highly recommend. Michelle and her team are entirely talented delivering amazing hair each and every time.
What really sets this salon ahead of others is the kindness and professionalism.
The salon is conveniently located downtown, prices are reasonable and visits are nice and relaxing!

I have been getting my hair styled by Michelle for the last couple of years, and have never been disappointed.
Love the new location, great atmosphere and great staff. And I always walk out feeling fabulous!