Salon130: Supersonic Blowout Salon - Salon130
Salon130: Supersonic Blowout Salon

Salon130: Supersonic Blowout Salon

Salon130: An Exclusive Dyson Supersonic™ Blowout Professional Salon

Dyson Supersonic™ professional hair dryers have now been added to every single hairstylist station at Salon130, making Salon130 the first and only Ottawa Hair Salon to exclusively use Dyson’s Professional Supersonic Hair Dryer series for the benefit of all their Guests’ hair. Why did Salon130 invest thousands of dollars in hair dryers alone you might ask? Well, because it’s simply worth it…and we think you will too.

After Dyson spent over $100,000,000 dollars in research and development, hiring over 100 top engineers, Dyson’s team constructed well over 600 advanced prototypes to finally build this final version Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer. So, it’s our professional opinion that the Dyson Supersonic is the best Hair Dryer money can make.

Time Is Money!

Simply put, our Guest’s hair dries in far less time, with better results. In a high- performance hair salon environment such as Salon130’s , both the Stylist and Guest’s time is very valuable – and a very scarce commodity. In today’s 24/7 world of work, we are all just too busy to waste time.

Since installation of our Dyson Supersonic Professional Hair Dryers, our Salon blowout times have been dramatically reduced since using this new advanced technology. Today, the dreaded long, thick, and moisture-retaining hair has experienced a much better drying time having been reduced from averaging 45-60 minutes to under 25 minutes or even much less time for fine hair.

Hot or Not?

It’s really not how hot you are… it’s just how much hot air you can move around! The airflow factor is, technically speaking, a far more important quality than having produced extremely high operating temperatures. When stylists get caught up in wattage, or power of their hair dryers, they are often referring to the heating coil elements.

Having hot fried hair is not a good thing – so watch out for “hot-as-fire” heat projecting hair dryers.

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer measures and recalculates the optimum level of heat every twenty seconds, this in order to maintain an exact heat-limited 212 degree fahrenheit of perfected operating temperature. This is both for the hair dryers’ longevity sake, but most of all… for the health of your hair as well. Avoiding dryer enabled hair damage in the first place is a key factor in why our Salon’s decision to be exclusive to Dyson’s Supersonic Hair Dryer.

Fly and Dry

The Dryson Professional intakes air and then expels it through air multiplier technology 300% times as much as its intake level. This makes hair fly… and dry faster. The Supersonic handle intakes 13L of air, and through advanced engineering, outputs almost 40 litres of exhausted air flow. At the salon, we often operate the Supersonic hair dryer blower button not in high, or top speed for the amount of force is not needed always, but it’s nice to have the extra “fly away” power in reserve in case.

As a Professional Stylist, the hair dryers operating sound level is important as well. The Supersonic has a quieter sound level, similar to white noise, at maximum operating speed, but one can undoubtedly carry on a two-way conversation which is rare during a blowout.

The Salon130 Supersonic Blowout is now available for your own impartial review so please call us today at 613.232.8750 for your next hair care need.

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