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At Salon130, your Ottawa hair salon, our expert stylists have all the secrets to beautiful hair. Not only does our team know how to achieve the perfect cut, colour and style, but they understand the essential products to maintain your locks! Especially when dealing with hair issues.

You know what we’re talking about: going from summer’s extreme humidity to winter’s dry indoor heating.  Whether you’re looking for luminous waves, a sleek straight style or refined curls, there are products to help you achieve all your hair goals. But how do you know which ones to add to your hair routine?

We’ve put together the complete guide to essential hair products for every hair type.

Dry Hair: Hydration in Moderation

hair product containers & gearInvest in a hydrating shampoo and conditioner duo for your thirsty locks. Avoid sulfates of any kind, which can sap away moisture. Treat your ends to a weekly nourishing hair mask for intense hydration that will leave your hair soft, silky and super manageable.

Avoid over-washing, which can have the opposite effect. Avoid blow-drying or using hot tools and opt for air-drying your hair instead, as heat can damage and dry out your hair. Finish off every style by running a hair oil or cream through your ends to achieve sleek, shiny locks.

Fine Hair: Volume & Texture

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Is your hair looking for that extra oomph? Reach for volumizing shampoo, designed for fine or flat hair. Opt for light-weight conditioners and apply only mid-shaft to ends. Applying heavy conditioners and hair masks can weigh down fine hair, causing it to fall flat. If you find your fine hair is prone to product build-up, use a clarifying shampoo every few weeks to deeply cleanse roots. Blow-dry the roots to achieve additional volume.

Dry shampoo is a great option for in-between washes, adding extra volume to the crown and refreshing oily hair. Texturizing sprays are perfect for those with fine hair that’s wavy or curly, refining your style without weighing it down. If you’re looking for products to smooth your hair, stick to very light-weight serums. Avoid oils or heavy creams, which weigh down styles and lead to product build-up.

Frizzy Hair: Taming & Controlling

hair product containersManaging thick, frizzy hair can be a major struggle. Start in the shower, with frizz-fighting shampoo and conditioner. Conditioners infused with oils or keratin can help smooth the hair cuticle, leaving you with a sleeker look. While the hair’s still damp, run a dime-sized amount of smoothing serum from root to tip. Air-drying can often lead to smoother locks than blow-drying, unless you have fine and frizzy hair.

Finish off your look by running over your hair with a straightening iron to neutralize static and frizz, helping your style to last all day. Since humidity and rain can mess with frizz-prone hair, carry a lightweight hair crème in your bag for touch-ups throughout the day.

Curly Hair: From Unruly to Pure Beauty

Textured hair can easily become unruly. Hair products should be lightweight but hydrating. Gentle, sulfate-free shampoo specifically created for curly hair is the perfect choice. Top it off with a hydrating conditioner to smooth, de-frizz and control curls. While hair is still damp, work a soft curl-defining mousse from mid-shaft to ends.

Avoiding towel-drying or brushing through curls, which can destroy definition and amp up the frizz. Instead, use a wide-tooth comb to detangle curls. If you blow-dry your hair, be sure to use the diffuser attachment to add body and minimize frizz. Touch up face-framing layers with a curling iron with the same diameter as your natural curls.

Colour-Treated Hair: Keeping a Fresh, Natural Look

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Is your colour falling a little flat? If you’re blonde, purple shampoo is a must for toning brassy strands. Use once a week to avoid overdoing it. Opt for shampoo and conditioner designed specifically for colour treated hair, which will prevent fading and protect your precious strands from harsh UV rays, helping to keep your colour vibrant for longer.

Avoid washing hair more than 2-3 times a week or using clarifying shampoo, which decreases your colour’s longevity. Instead, opt for a dry shampoo in a shade that matches your dye-job. Deep condition your damaged ends with a weekly hair treatment. Allow hair to air dry and avoid hot tools, which contribute to further damage.

If you do use any heat on the hair, apply a thermal protectant spray beforehand, to minimize the risk of damage. Top-off your style with a luminous hair gloss that brings out the dimension of your gorgeous shade.

Damaged Hair: Needed Nourishment 

young woman uses hair productSo your hair’s over-processed and begging for hydration? Give it a little extra TLC with a deep repairing shampoo. Coat your strands in a deep conditioning mask and leave on for at least 5 minutes.

For deeply damaged locks, opt for a weekly hair mask left on overnight. Starting at your ends, use a wide-tooth comb to de-tangle hair and ensure evenly dispersed product. Always allow hair to air-dry and dodge hot tools to prevent frying your damaged strands. Protect from any further damage with a leave-in spray that prevents penetration by UV rays and heat. Apply a nourishing hair oil to parched ends to add extra gloss.

Scalp Care: Care Beneath the Surface

A dry, itchy scalp is no one’s friend. Many brands sell detoxifying shampoos perfect for deep cleansing the scalp. Shampoo rich in tea tree oil helps to reduce inflammation and treat dandruff.

Focus a little extra attention on every inch of your scalp, taking your time massaging in circular motions. If you struggle with a dry scalp, apply a warm oil treatment all over once a week. Let sit on the scalp for an hour before cleansing. Avoid dry shampoo, hairspray or mousse, which can lead to major product buildup and irritate the scalp.

Salon130: Your Ottawa Hair Care Resource

Whatever your hair struggle, Salon130, your Ottawa salon, has got a product to help you achieve your hair goals. At your next appointment, ask your stylist what they recommend for your desired look!

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