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5 Steps to Perfect Wedding Hair

5 Steps to Perfect Wedding Hair

Step 1 Choose Your Favourite Salon

Let’s face it, this isn’t just any day. You won’t be having another day like this one – so you only get one chance to make it perfect. At Salon130, we understand what this day means to you, because we’re women, and because we’re hair professionals. We have been taking care of bridal parties leading up to the big event and especially the day of for more than 6 years. That’s why we have multiple awards and raving reviews.

Located just blocks away from Ottawa’s finest hotels and wedding venue’s, Salon130 guarantees warm greetings in a well decorated, beautifully lit, modern, intimately chic setting. We serve you complimentary coffee, tea, water, red wine or white wine and don’t be surprised if you have 2 or more stylists pampering your hair at once, fussing over every detail because we’re not just a team, we’re a family.

We have long hours and we’re open 7 days a week to accommodate your entourage’s busy schedule.

Step 2 Book Your Bridesmaids

As the extension of all who have been there for you over the years, your bridesmaids will stand beside you, on this long-anticipated day. Their hair will be done the day of the wedding. To be certain we can accommodate everyone it’s so very important to book your appointments at least 2 months in advance because you want to be sure everyone can be scheduled for the big day.

Step 3 Choose Your Colours (optional)

Not everyone changes their hair colour for the wedding, but if it’s something you’re considering, let us give you some pointers.

If you’re going to colour your hair, you want to be sure you get your hair coloured 2-3 weeks prior to the wedding because you want to be sure you love it – or have time to change your mind if you need to.

Hair colour is such a personal thing, if you know what you want and it’s a dramatic change – then we suggest you give yourself time to a) get used to the new look, and b) change it if you want to.

Colouring hair might be a commonplace activity in today’s day and age, but make no mistake it’s a science through and through. A good colour job doesn’t come in a box, it should have dimension, character, and depth.

Step 4 Choose Your Style and Book Your Trial

Remember that your hair is an extension of your overall bridal image. If you have a ball gown dress you might want to select a hairstyle that’s dramatic and regal, if you have a modest lace dress – you might want to pick something more contemporary, soft and elegant.

During this whole process keep in mind that your Stylist is a highly-trained, but also highly-creative professional, with many years of experience with hair and style – so they’re available to help you choose and achieve the perfect look that makes you the happiest and compliments you the best way possible – just as it should on this, your special occasion.

Some other pointers:

  • If you’re getting your hair coloured, then the best time to book your trial style is during the colour session.
  • The trial should still be completed about 2 weeks before your big day regardless if you’re having it coloured or not.
  • Be sure to bring any hair pieces, flowers accessories, jewelry or hair art that will compliment the style and your outfit.

Step 5 Take a Deep Breath

All this planning and organizing can sometimes take away from the beauty of the occasion. We always tell our Brides to take a moment, … and breathe. We’re here to help anytime if you have any questions about the entire process.

Step 6 The Big Day

This is it – we’re now all set for the big event. You’ve done all the planning, you’ve crossed your T’s and dotted your I’s and now everyone has come to Ottawa to celebrate your love. So time to sit back and relax. You made it this far and you know you’re in good hands. Today is not a day for rushing and last minute scurrying, it’s not a day for stress or worry; for today is your day for celebration!

Your final check list:

  • Arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment. This is not a day to be late and if someone is running late it can stress out the whole wedding party. We don’t want to rush, we want to give you the proper care and love you deserve on this day.
  • Make sure everyone washes their hair the day before and comes in for the styling session with dry clean hair.
  • Bridesmaids should bring in two different examples of how you would like your hair to look.
  • Be sure to remember all of your Accessories, Hair pieces, Flowers, etc.
  • Bring your dress if you want as we have changing facilities on site.

Your wedding day planning will have its own up’s and down’s for sure, it wouldn’t be an adventure if it didn’t. As stylists, we know we’re just one cog in the array of many gears you have to turn while you prepare for the biggest commitment of your life; but we want you to know…. we got your hair covered!

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